Free Emailing to Residents!

Residents Emails Protected from Disclosure!

Government Alerts!

We protect governments from laws that force disclosure of resident's email addresses!

  • Dear Municipal & County Governments
  • I have excellent news for municipal and county governments, its residents, businesses, and nonprofit organizations.
  • We are a Microsoft and Amazon partner, and we already have opted-in email addresses with full name and postal addresses, for over 90% of every home and business in the USA.
  • Most important is all the residents’ email addresses and contact information are protected from Open Public Records Act (OPRA) requirements that would normally force governments to disclose residents’ email addresses.
  • Our Microsoft software enables us to create lists that stay in our Microsoft 365 account, but you can email residents. Because governments don’t take possession of resident data, OPRA/FOIA laws can’t force your staff to give away email data that they do not possess!
  • Governments have the choice of either directly emailing residents itself or giving us your content to email---as you currently do with a town newspaper---but now the content goes out much faster. Also, your content goes out verbatim! As you know, the newspapers often change content to sell more newspapers! We don’t engage in that nonsense!
  • Our Microsoft software enables us to protect residents’ email addresses with Microsoft. You can still email residents even if the government does not use Microsoft. SIMPLE: Because governments don’t take possession of residential data, OPRA/FOIA laws can’t force the government to give away resident’s email addresses that you do not possess! Your staff doesn’t need to be a customer of Microsoft. You simply supply a list of authorized email addresses of staff who you will allow to email residents.

More Benefits!

  • Scenario: Office Of Emergency Management (OEM) or Police Chief is out on patrol and enters 1 single email address into their cell phone that identifies the residential email list, and all emails are sent to residents!
  • The program is going to raise substantial funds for many nonprofits!It’s very simple. All the businesses are being promoted at no cost and no time commitment!
  • How it works
  • Restaurants, professionals, and contractors donate a small number of deals to support local nonprofits!
  • Those businesses get paid directly by customers!
  • Residents choose their favorite nonprofit. Residents then pay the directory publisher to access their deal and then the residents present the deal to those businesses. The publisher shares the residents deal purchase with the residents chosen nonprofit. Everyone wins!

Activities Events

  • We are creating a database of all the fun things for families to do. Many times, a municipality may not have enough participants to lower the cost per participant, so programs can’t be done. Now each municipality can first contact its own residents, and if there isn’t enough participation, the activity/event can be opened to other municipalities in the county and then outside the county.
  • We are also a certified Amazon Alexa skills developer that will be introducing a new FREE service that broadcasts government emergency notices to resident’s cell phones. No cost to the government and the Alexa phone app is FREE for residents! Incredibly the Alexa blasts messages are sent at 1 million per second. Also, each recipient can receive the message in 18 languages!

Informed Residents, Businesses, Nonprofits!

  • We want all residents, businesses, schools, and nonprofits, to see that the municipal and county governments were given all these great services:
  • 1) Without use of their tax dollars!
  • 2) Their email addresses are now protected from OPRA!
  • 3) Substantially increases the saturation level.
  • We will soon email all residents and attach a PDF copy of this letter that is emailed to the staff of municipal and county governments.
    Additionally, this email is accessible from a link on the home page of our website. There is a second link that asks residents to refer their friends, so no one misses important government updates!

  • Please email the Directory Publisher who emailed you. You will be provided further explanation how we will substantially benefit the government and the people it serves.